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About Us

Hawflein Solutions

Hawflein Solutions Limited is an international legal consultancy firm that located in the heart of London. Our areas of expertise and services include legal advice globally as well as immigration consultancy.

Our partners of legal professionals offer considered and comprehensive advice to make an informed decision. We resolve all complex immigration issues and Golden visa programs and work with clients from the initial stages throughout the process, which could take up to three months. Clients receive concise and correct assistance while being kept informed of the case’s progress throughout all the stages.

Throughout the process, we handle each application with integrity, confidentiality, and dedication to our high client service standards. Our partners consist of qualified visa and immigration consultants, property experts, and immigration advisers. We invite you to contact us today regarding all your immigration needs for a Free Consultation. In addition, we extend an invitation to lawyers from all countries to connect with us to become part of our existing group of international lawyers network.

Hawflein Solutions Limited has been certified by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) as a registered immigration adviser (Level 1) company in the United Kingdom.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide individuals and families with the opportunity to leave their entire immigration process in our hands. Whether for permanent residency or obtaining citizenship, our professionals handle all aspects of legally entering, working, and living in a foreign country, following the rules and programs set in place by individual governments.