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Outline of the Unmarried Partners Visa

The applicant of this visa should be seeking a visa through his partner, who will be the sponsor of the visa. Under this category, the couples who are not married and also not in a civil partnership can apply to leave or enter the UK as soon as the necessary conditions are met. The sponsoring partner does not need to be a citizen of the UK. One can have restricted entry or leave the UK under certain categories. The main rule is that the couples should be able to confirm a durable relationship, and they are likely to continue living together in the UK. Different rules apply to the EEA nationals. Please get in touch with us and have your free initial consultation for more details.


The couples who would like to apply for an Unmarried/Same-Sex Partners Visa must be over 18 on the date of their arrival to the UK. In addition to that, the sponsoring partner must be there in the UK or is going to be in the UK with a visa to make the UK their home.

One of the most important rules is the ‘intention to stay together’ honestly. This is perhaps the most crucial part of the application. UK inspects the intention of both parties, provided that they are keen to stay together outside of the UK or not also they are in the UK or not. Provided that the sponsoring partner will not leave the UK to be able to dwell in the UK together with the applicant partner, the application for entry or stay might be refused. This category of visa requires sensitivity and confidentiality. We have a certain experience and expertise to advise you with your application from the first consultation until the end of the process.

The applicant and the sponsor must be able to demonstrate evidence that they have been living together for 2 or more years, provided that there is no extraordinary situation to restrain this. To better illustrate, the applicant or the sponsor could not be living with his partner because of their work or health issues. In such a case, the parties must display evidence that they have continued their relationship in certain ways, such as by phone or letters.


Unmarried/Same-Sex Partners Visa is rather complicated, and each case has it is own structural base to be evaluated. We recommend you contact us for free initial consultation and assessment of the eligibility of your application.