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Outline of Spouse Visa

Under the Spouse Visa category, you can apply for an entry or leave to stay in the UK. Provided that your partner is a citizen and has a permanent residence in the UK or has refugee status, you can apply for a spouse visa. This visa enables you to dwell in the UK, and you can work depending on your case.


Before you apply for Spouse Visa, there are certain things that you need to know. First, you must be in a civil partnership, or you must be married to your partner in a way that the UK recognises, or you are planning to get married or be in a civil partnership within 6 months of your arrival to the UK. In what follows, you must be in a relationship for at least 2 years. There are more conditions to meet to be able to apply for a Spouse Visa. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


The applicants must confirm that they are able to financially support each other and their dependents during their intended period of stay in the UK. Apart from this, the applicants must prove English proficiency. In case they do not meet these criteria, they can still apply for a stay, leave to stay, or extension of their stay in the UK. Provided that they have a child who has lived in the UK for 7 years and it is impossible for them to leave the UK. The rule mentioned in the relevant section applies to you and your partner as well. Also, provided that it comprises a breach of your human rights to live outside of the UK and provided that you can prove this, you still might be qualified for applying for Spouse Visa in the UK. This visa category demands the assessment of your cases. There might be an exceptional situation in which you can still be allowed to apply for a visa under this category.


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