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Outline of Surinder Singh

Surinder Singh is a visa category that is applied for those who have lived with their family member who is also a British citizen in one of the EEA countries. The visa applications in this category are also known as Surinder Singh (that is a famous case of an Indian citizen who has taken his deportation case to the ECJ and has finally got leave to stay in the UK and given its name to this visa category) applications.


The applicants are the ones who have lived in one of the EEA countries with their British family members that can be qualified for the listed categories can apply for Surinder Singh Visa. Also, they must confirm that they have lived with their British family member in an EEA country and submit certain required documents as a mode of evidence. Three main criteria for this sort are that the applicants must confirm that they have lived together in one of the EEA countries, that they are based in that country and they are mainly conducting your life in that country and finally, and lastly that they have been integrated there. The conditions are open-ended and must be counselled by professionals. We are more than happy to help you with your applications under Surinder Singh category. Please contact one of our experts for further information.


The British family member of the applicants must fall into one of the categories below:

Your spouse or civil partner
Your grandparent or your parent. Provided that you would like to be dependent on them, you should be under 21
Your child or your grandchild, in this case, you must be dependent on them
As well as meet the conditions below:

Either a permanent resident of the EEA country that you have been living in together
in that country.

3.Our Services

Under Surinder Singh category, the visa applications are dependent upon your case. We deal with the documentation and make sure you experience a stress-free application process. Please contact us through Whatsapp or email for your free initial consultation.