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Outline of Skilled Work Visa

One of the most common work visas is the Skilled Work Visa. Compared to the other visa schemes, one must be provided with a job from a licensed sponsor company to acquire this. The criteria may differ depending upon the sector and your job title.


A licensed sponsor company must provide you with a job. Also, your proposed salary must be appropriately in line with your job title. There is an at least amount of the yearly wage you must be provided to apply for this visa category, which is approximately £26500 per year. It is also highly crucial to note that certain health tests are asked for applicants from certain countries. The applicants must display their travel history for over 5 years and confirm that they are more than capable of affording their onward travel and afford their initial stay till they begin generating income. The applicant must have held £1270 in the applicant’s bank account for 28 consecutive days before applying for this visa type. Of course, such an amount is considered proof. One of the other essential aspects to be considered is that one must be able to come up with a proof of proficiency in English.


The applicants must be at least 18 and confirm that they are proficient in English. The applicant must come up with proof of travel documents and personal savings. Compared to the other visa types, one must display a criminal record provided that your business involves vulnerable groups (such as children, the disabled, and elderly). Finally, all of the documents to be shown must be in English. Otherwise, these documents must be translated into English by a certified translator. Provided that you meet all these criteria, you can apply for a work permit visa under the Skilled Work Visa. There are exceptions and different rules & fees applied to nationals from different countries. For further information and free initial consultation, you can contact us via phone or email.


Liaising with your sponsor company, managing the necessary documents, certified translation, advising on how the documents must be arranged, etc., are given by our expert team in London. Provided that you are applying from overseas, we also have services in doing a consult with our clients abroad.