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Power of Attorney Service

A power of attorney is a written document that a person authorizes another person to act on their behalf in certain situations. The power of attorney may contain general or limited powers. In some powers, all powers should be clearly stated. Some power of attorneys also require a form. Special power of attorneys, for example, divorce and real estate sales power of attorney must be illustrated and the stamp of the person or institution that issued the power of attorney must be found on the picture.

✓ Key points

There are things to consider when appointing a mandate, as the person you appoint can make important decisions on your behalf and this can impact your life in different ways. Here are some instances where you can enrol or terminate a power of attorney: buying and selling real estate, getting mortgages, and making payments.

✓ How to issue

The Power of Attorney can be issued by the Notary and Solicitor, i.e., the lawyer. If the power of attorney is to be used in another country, Apostille must be made. Each country has its own rules. For this reason, the power of attorney must be obtained from the local authority in order to comply with the required form requirements.

As Hawflein, we provide power of attorney services through our solution partners, Notaries and Solicitors.

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